New GateWay Solutions' motto is "Alleviating poverty and homelessness, one job at a time!" Poverty is multifaceted, and New GateWay deals with many things that can help those living in it. Our program is dedicated to helping low-income individuals and families struggling to find secure employment and housing, and eventually achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Our goals are:

1) To connect each jobseeker to stable employment and eliminate the threat of homelessness.

2) To remove all obstacles to seeking, obtaining and sustaining employment.

3) To connect homeless jobseekers to stable housing, food, clothing, transportation, household items and an on-going support system that will help them maintain housing stability.

4) To provide assistance, mentorship, training and advice required by those seeking the path of starting businesses.

5) To provide computers and training to jobseekers and business startup owners, as needed, to ensure they have the tools and knowledge necessary to be effective and successful.



In order to meet our goals we need to partner with as many employers as possible. If you are an employer or a hiring manager we invite you to post your jobs here.

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Homelessness is everyone»s problem. Join with us as we seek to prevent homelessness by assisting those who at risk, from the moment they lose their jobs until they achieve economic stability. To get involved, start here.

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